15 Days of Holiday & New Year’s madness

15 Days of Holiday & New Year’s madness

Of the many misconceptions job seekers have about job searching, one of the gravest errors is to stop searching during the holiday and New Year’s seasons. From the start of the holidays in Thanksgiving leading up to the Christmas season, most job seekers usually halt their job search believing this to be a dead period when companies are busy organizing holiday parties and offices are usually undermanned due to employees taking vacation leaves.

Experts disapprove job seekers who are laid back and undergo a hibernation mode from mid December to mid January. They agree that if you lay low during the holidays, you’ll surely miss one of the best times and best opportunities to look for a job.

So if you still have second thoughts about the practicality of job searching during the holiday and New Year madness, here are a number of reasons to start right today:

The competition among other job applicants is lesser by more than 20%.

Since most job seekers take a leave from their job search throughout the holidays, you’ll have more chances of getting noticed when you apply during this time. Whatever the reason is, most job seekers put their job search on hold so this should be your chance of getting an interview. Even if your chances only go up by 10%, it still makes a difference.

Companies hire all year round.

Contrary to the belief that most companies postpone their hiring during the holidays, they never do. If there is a need for a new employee, regardless of the season, they’ll definitely hire people. If the company’s really hiring, the holiday season won’t be an excuse, and you shouldn’t make it yours too.

Hiring managers and prospective employers are in a festive mood.

Because it’s the holidays, hiring personnel and employers are usually in a very good mood with less stress-related work; thus, they have more time to evaluate applications and schedule interviews. You shouldn’t let this opportunity pass you by.

It shows your seriousness in job searching.

While most job seekers get caught up in the holiday rush and festive mood, looking for a job during the holiday season will really impress the hiring manager or prospective employer about you. It shows that you are serious about your job search and you’re really dedicated about what you do. And of course, if you impress them, you’ll have a greater chance of being hired.

It’s the best time to network socially and digitally.

A lot of gatherings, parties and social events happen during the holiday season and you shouldn’t pass this opportunity up to expand your network either online or in real life. Establish new relationships and reconnect with former colleagues and friends. If there is a chance to let them know about your availability for a job, seize that moment. You’ll never know what may come of your holiday season networking unless you try. Who knows, you might just be surprised to receive an opportunity.

You can show your gratitude.

Even if you haven’t found that perfect job you’ve been dreaming about, it’s always a good idea to send thank-you cards to your previous employers or colleagues. Send out thank-you notes to your recruiters, too. If you show that you are sincere about job hunting, perhaps they may offer some invaluable advice to you.

As proven by job search experts and top executives from big companies agree that the demand for workers does not stop. It might lessen, but it never ceases. So take the time to job hunt right after this holiday season and you might just welcome 2011 with some amazing new prospects! Better yet, take this opportunity to lay the groundwork for your future career.

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