Author: Amos Tayts (Page 10)

Resume Writing for 2014: Tips on how to keep your resume fresh

Of the many important documents that will make or break your job search, the resume is the most important of all. While it may be enough to come up with a winning resume, you should realize that your resume is still a work in progress. Knowing the importance of reviewing and keeping it updated will help you stay on top of the job search game. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to update your resume just because [...]

How social media got me a job at Google

*Earl was a recent graduate and unemployed software engineer. He began developing a job search strategy by applying to websites, including Monster, Beyond and CareerBuilder, and by connecting with members in his network. Earl managed to receive a phone interview with Dell. Days later when he followed up with Dell, both the person who interviewed him and the position were gone. Instead of feeling crushed by the negative experience, Earl began updating his portfolio, which included getting his cover letter [...]

4 definite don’ts for your interview

As much as you would like to think that it is the resume that will convince the employer to hire you, it is never the sole basis of being accepted for an opportunity. Even candidates who have the most impressive resumes fail to get hired simply because of their performance during the interview. It’s not only because they haven’t prepared, it’s more because of what they say or do during the interview process. It’s normal to be nervous during the [...]

5 Reasons Your Resume Is Getting Rejected

An attention-grabbing and unique resume has always been emphasized as the one that usually gets an applicant the job interview. If you don’t know how to make one, chances are you’re going to need professional help. If you’d rather do your resume all by yourself, you can always get some useful tips from a lot of self-help books and online resources. A hiring manager doesn’t necessarily “read” your resume from top to bottom. Recruiters will sometimes even read your resume [...]

15 Days of Holiday & New Year’s madness

Of the many misconceptions job seekers have about job searching, one of the gravest errors is to stop searching during the holiday and New Year’s seasons. From the start of the holidays in Thanksgiving leading up to the Christmas season, most job seekers usually halt their job search believing this to be a dead period when companies are busy organizing holiday parties and offices are usually undermanned due to employees taking vacation leaves. Experts disapprove job seekers who are laid [...]