Author: Amos Tayts (Page 11)

5 job sites that are under your radar for contract work

As someone who has used these sites to attract, qualify and hire talent. I can tell you that the talent pool in these job sites is tremendous. If you are a freelancer or contract worker then you are in luck, especially those in the digital design industry. The number of people in the digital and design industry working as freelancers increased five-folds in the UK last year, meaning the self-employed now account for more than a quarter of the British [...]

Standard resume still hard to beat in landing a job

By Lucy Hyslop, Postmedia News You might have a social network more sinuous than a spider’s web and an online presence that would impress Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. But when it comes to landing a job, the old-fashioned resume still trumps all. That’s the opinion of three experts in the recruitment and job-seeking field nationwide. “Until we come up with a way where we can send a hologram of a person,” says Amos Tayts, a Toronto-based former recruiter with offices across Canada and [...]

7 Simple Job Search Principles That Get Results

While it may be tough to job search, the outcome of your effort is determined by the means of your method. If you constantly end up being last on the list of applicants or not getting any follow-up calls, then suffice it to say, there’s something wrong with how you do your job hunting. In principle, job search strategy is not just some random activity of looking for jobs to give you an income; instead, it is a job [...]