Job Seeker’s Gift Guide

Job Seeker’s Gift Guide

Skim through your list this holiday season – is anyone on that list currently looking for a job? It could be your son or daughter, a friend, a former colleague or a relative.

You already know what they want this year – a new job! But how in the world can you provide that to them? Allow us to help.

We’ve rounded up a list of the 10 most helpful gifts you can give a job seeker, that will actually benefit their job search strategy. Whether it is something small to put a smile on their face in this frustrating time, or a tool that will prepare them for their interview or networking – these gifts will offer true value to the receiver.

1. Portfolio 


Every job seeker needs a professional portfolio to bring along with them to an interview. This one from Brookstone is a great deal at $50.00.

2. LinkedIn Job Seeker Account


Purchase a monthly or annual subscription for a LinkedIn Job Seeker Account that will help them get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers using the professional network. Prices start at $19.95 for a monthly subscription or $15.95 per month for an annual subscription.

3. Tailored Suit


On the pricier end of gift giving – every job seeker needs a well-tailored suit. This two-piece suit from Banana Republic retails for $673.00.

4. Professional Resume Writing


Often times, the biggest obstacle in their job search is simply to get their resume noticed. By providing them with a professional service, they will be able to drastically improve their resume to receive call-backs for interviews. Services start at $199.95.

5. Professional Networking Business Cards 


For as little as $19.99, you can design and order 50 business cards with their name, title, and contact information. These cards from will encourage the job seeker to attend networking events and make connections with potential employers and recruiters.

6. A Job Hunter’s Manual


What Color Is Your Parachute? is one of the most popular job hunter manuals around. It’s also a great gift item for a job seeker who needs some guidance and inspiration (and likes to read). This book is available at Chapters Indigo for $15.99.

7. Laptop


Job searching is almost entirely done electronically, so if they don’t have an efficient laptop to help them search at home or on-the-go, this would be the perfect gift. The Dell Inspiron 15 is available for $399.99.

8. Leather Briefcase


They will need something to carry around that gorgeous portfolio and spiffy laptop in. Instead of filling their hands with all they can carry or pushing their belongings into an old purse, gift them a leather briefcase to look professional as they enter an interview. This sleek briefcase with outer pockets is available at Danier for $199.99.

9. Trench Coat


It may be cold outside, but you still shouldn’t walk into an interview with your winter parka on. In extreme weather conditions, that could be acceptable, but for most scenarios you should stick with a simple and professional trench coat. This one is available at Zara for $99.00.

10. Inspiration


Last but not least, they might just need you to put a smile on their face and give them some inspiration. A great idea for a stocking stuffer or a small gift is this inspirational mug with a quote from Winston Churchill on it – “If you are going through hell, keep going.” You can get it on for $17.95.

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