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How to get a job on Craigslist – The 4 steps to combat internet anonymity

Things used to be a lot simpler. You could stroll into an office, resume in hand, and plop yourself down in front of the boss with a dapper pin-striped suit and winning smile.  A well-timed quip about the weather, the slightest hint of earnest determination, and they gave you the keys to the building. Alas, the days of the winning smile are gone. Welcome to the new employment landscape—take a number. Craigslist is a microcosm of this new trend. Postings [...]

Creating A Simple and Compelling Cover Letter

You know that popular saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover?” In this case, that’s exactly what employers do when fishing for new talent. Resumes are the first thing employees see of your potential character. While this is true, they’re often accompanied by cover letters directed to a hiring authority. Cover letters are an important piece of the job application, but it’s often overlooked by job-seekers. We encourage people to keep the cover letter in the arsenal. When job postings [...]