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The selling point of your job search strategy

“Just do it”, “Impossible is nothing”, and “I’m lovin’ it!” Can you guess the corresponding brands of these popular advertising slogans? That’s right; these slogans belong to Nike, Adidas and McDonalds. If you’re wondering why they’re popular, it might be because they’re simple and catchy (or it might be because, together, these three companies spend nearly $5 billion a year on marketing and advertising). In terms of self-marketing, you should apply a similar approach to your own job search strategy. [...]

Would you – and should you – put your mobile or business number on your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn has become a significant part of your job search strategy. So, we tried to write a lot about it, especially in the last few weeks. But this is an interesting question regarding how people make use of this increasingly popular professional networking tool. And we set out to find the answer. Recently, we polled active LinkedIn users – and professionals ranging across different industries and ages – on this issue. Here’s what we found out: Out of 362 voters, [...]

Creating A Simple and Compelling Cover Letter

You know that popular saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover?” In this case, that’s exactly what employers do when fishing for new talent. Resumes are the first thing employees see of your potential character. While this is true, they’re often accompanied by cover letters directed to a hiring authority. Cover letters are an important piece of the job application, but it’s often overlooked by job-seekers. We encourage people to keep the cover letter in the arsenal. When job postings [...]

Will a Canadian Majority help with job growth?

On the surface, it may appear that job-searchers are struggling in their job hunt. But, as we approach the warm summer months, it looks like the job market is warming up too. I was exceptionally pleased when Statistics Canada released the unemployment numbers on Friday. Its national labour force survey found that the unemployment rate fell to 7.6 per cent with the addition of 58,000 new jobs in April. What this means is that we’re back where we were in [...]

Why Facebook can stop you from getting hired, and might even get you fired

Just like your cover letter, resume and job interview, social networking sites have also become an important component in which employers base their decision to hire you or not. Preserve your professional image by always being cautious. For the very reason that Facebook is beneficial during a job search, it has been getting the attention of prospective employers. Aside from googling possible employees, 53% of employers, according to the statistics of PC Advisor, also check job applicants on social networking [...]