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How to attract recruiters to your LinkedIn profile

Any recruiter will tell you that they are signed on to every single day. Why? Because recruiting has taken on the saying of “out with the old and in with the new”. When LinkedIn came onto the scene, the entire profession of recruiting instantly changed. Instead of using traditional methods to source candidates, they now have hundreds of thousands (and now millions) of candidates right at the tips of their fingers. Without having to leave their desks, they are [...]

5 Ways to Maximize Your Job Search

I will spare you an intro…here is your no nonsense guide on how to maximize your job search. Have a Great Compelling Resume I know this seems like a given, but most people do not take the time to sit down and write a resume that truly represents their skills and experience. What most people think is irrelevant information is sometimes the most important item they forget to add to their professional resume. There are plenty of sites online that can show [...]

How to Optimize, Enhance and Fine Tune your LinkedIn profile

For anyone who is looking to build a stronger presence on LinkedIn and utilize the site to forge new opportunities. LinkedIn is home to over 200 million professionals. Enhancing your profile can give you an advantage so that recruiters, consultants, entrepreneurs and hiring authorities can't resist connecting with you. LinkedIn is not a place for social networking; it is strictly for professional networking and for staying informed about your contacts and industry. It’s a place where you can exchange information, ideas [...]