Where to Start Your Oil and Gas Job Search?

Where to Start Your Oil
& Gas Job Search?

Oil & Gas job Search ResourcesOil & Gas Job Search Resources

4 ways to get your oil & gas job search process
up and running

Two key components of your job search strategy are where to look for jobs and how to leverage your network in the industry. We've outlined the best places to look for job postings, as well as the right methods to expand your professional network.

Steer clear of general job boards such as Monster or Workopolis; in the oil and gas industry you want to focus on job postings on niche job boards directly related to the industry. Another great place to find postings are on Oil and Gas Association websites, LinkedIn Groups and even Facebook Groups. We will explain how to use each of these resources in your job search to help you find the right positions to apply for while also interacting with professionals in the same field.

Job Boards

As mentioned, you want to find niche job boards that are targeted towards the oil and gas industry. However, that does not mean that every job posted on that board will be related to your experience. These job boards encompass roles from a variety of fields from accounting to drilling with one thing in common — they are all roles within an oil and gas company. These niche job boards will be where hiring managers choose to post jobs first, rather than large job boards without a specific industry focus.


There are a multitude of professional associations and unions that are present within the oil and gas industry — particularly for those who are involved with skilled trades. Take a look at our list of associations to help you get started on locating helpful industry information and professional contacts.

LinkedIn Groups

There is an endless number of LinkedIn Groups for all types and levels of professionals in the oil and gas industry. These groups are a fantastic way to interact with peers, as well as gain access to job postings that may not be posted on job boards. You can also use these LinkedIn Groups to find former colleagues and team members that you have worked with on prior projects. You never know, they could now be in a hiring position for their current project and you can easily network your way into a new job because they already know your work ethic.

Facebook Groups

You may think Facebook is an unconventional place to begin your job search, but you are mistaken. Just like LinkedIn Groups, there are Facebook Groups for specific types of oil and gas professionals, for specific companies, and even groups that simply list job openings for projects in a specific geographical region. We’ve outlined some of the largest and most active oil and gas groups on Facebook to help get you started — just one click away!

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