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Want to know the top companies in oil & gas that are hiring?

Oil and gas is a high-in-demand industry for professions across many fields. Whether you are in the trades, accounting, health and safety, sales, or administration, these companies are looking for you. With the right resume and job search strategy, you can be the newest employee of one of the top multi-national oil and gas companies.

It's not just companies that you need to get in front of, though. Your job search will benefit greatly by getting in touch with the right oil and gas recruiters. Major oil and gas companies hire recruiting firms to find candidates for them. That means the right recruiter can open doors to new career opportunities that you never would have found yourself. Recruiters are hired and compensated by major oil and gas companies and if you fit the job they are actively recruiting for, they will do everything in their power to make sure you are successfully hired.

We've outlined the top oil and gas companies globally, as well as the recruiting firms that many of those companies use when they are looking to fill positions. Don't choose to just put yourself in front of one or the other — a successful oil and gas strategy involves contacting both major companies as well as recruiters.

Though these companies and recruiters may be based in one particular country or city, do not assume that they are not filling positions where you are located. Many oil and gas companies are multi-national organizations that have project sites operating globally. The same goes for recruiting firms. Though a recruiter may be based in the USA, their client could have projects across the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Therefore, if you are looking for jobs in those areas, the recruiter can still be of great help to you even though they are located in a completely different part of the world.

Get Prepared

Prior to contacting major companies and recruiters in the oil and gas industry, you want to make sure you are prepared with the information they will be looking for. Ensure you have an effective resume outlining your skills, experiences, and achievements, as well as a cover letter explaining why you will be a great fit for the role and the organization. Finally, you should also prepare a brief references document with the contact information of up to five professional contacts from your prior roles or experiences in the industry.

Your resume and cover letter will be your first impression to the hiring manager and/or recruiter, and you want to make sure you put your best foot forward to have the best chance at landing a job in oil and gas.

If you need some inspiration for your resume, you can always review our examples page to ensure your resume is up to industry standards.

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