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Innovative Outplacement Services

Help exiting employees transition to their next career opportunity with confidence following a layoff, termination, or transition out of your organization.

Outcome Driven Outplacement


7 Days to Job Search Readiness

With supportive and future-focused onboarding into a highly engaging career transition process, your exiting employees will be job search ready in 7 business days on average.


15 Days to First Interview

Career transition guidance and a professionally written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile helps our users land their first interview in 15 business days on average.


7.24 Weeks to Landing

Dedicated and fanatical offboaring support helps your terminated employees move on to new employment in an average of 7.24 weeks.


100% Program Completion Rate

Outcome-driven outplacement produces a result at each program step, motivating and exciting job search for your employees resulting in a 100% program completion rate.


Program Metrics for HR Teams

Monitor and report on all employees moving through your offboarding program with our HR dashboard. Manage liabilities and measure career transition success in real-time.

Offboarding Dashboards for HR

Measure the performance of your outplacement program for each outgoing employee using built in offboarding metrics and reports.

Goal Optimized Career Transition

Employee Offboarding Results

"They went over and above my expectations. I finally have a resume I love! Thank you so much!!!"

Ashley K.
Seattle, WA

"I have already gotten multiple interview requests using my new profile!"

D. Harper
San Francisco, CA

"The personal service and the final product made this service well worth it!"

Anthony L.
Chicago, IL

"They have got your back 100%. I feel extremely confident going back into the job market."

Mauro G.
Hoboken, NJ

"They really understood my career journey and were able to capture it on paper. Highly recommend!"

Dina G.
Houston, TX
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