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We had a vision to empower and nurture the human spirit through career transition.
That gave us our mission: to make outplacement outcome driven.

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Senior leadership at ResumeTarget holds 40+ years of experience in executive recruiting for Fortune 500 companies.

We support career transition for employees across all career levels and industries. We have helped employees just like yours - working directly with transitioning workforces at the enterprise and consumer level.

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Proven process with a team that cares

Outplacement with ResumeTarget was founded in the hard-won career transition success we have achieved for thousands of job seekers at the B2C level.

This inspired the design of an enterprise outplacement program built on the scrutiny of individual consumers, all managed inside an industry-best outplacement dashboard that lets you measure and report on your offboarding program metrics.

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ResumeTarget gives you outplacement with the best-rated
career transition service in North America.
Employees benefit from an offboarding process with proven success.

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