Selling Yourself—Show Up Strong Even if You’re a New Grad

You’ve just graduated from university or college. You have the skills, the passion and the drive and you can’t wait to start a career in your field. You send out your resume to a position that seems like the perfect fit for you. When there’s no response, you send out your resume again. And again. And again. Pretty soon you’ve fired your resume off to dozens of different companies and you haven’t heard a word back from anyone. Sound [...]

How to Handle Being Bullied at Work

The issue of workplace bullying has risen in profile in recent years – either because of an increase in bullying itself, or because of the greater attention paid to it has led to people being willing to report it more often. One survey conducted by Harvard Business Review reported that roughly half of workers polled in 2011 reported being treated rudely at work at least once a week, while CareerBuilder conducted a study in 2012 that found 35% of [...]

A Portfolio – Your Resume’s Best Friend

The resume; a seemingly harmless and simple piece of paper detailing an individual’s work history, education, and skills. In college, a resume is essential to securing a job once you have crossed that stage and accepted your coveted degree, but for many, creating a resume that is brief, but also wholly inclusive of one’s skills and capabilities, is a daunting task. How can I possibly get everything that needs to be said about who I am as a person and [...]

Black Friday Special

Get up to $50 off on Black Friday only! This Thanksgiving we are giving thanks to all the job seekers we've helped over the years. That's why we'd like to offer you: - $50 off any of our Resume Writing Packages using the promo code: thanks50 Each of our packages include: A telephone interview with a professional resume writer A custom resume and cover letter Daily job alerts 20 thank you letter templates Master the Interview guide 90 day interview guarantee Click here to learn more Don't take our word [...]


Position Summary: The Recruiter will be an integral part of the Sales team by discussing recruiting strategies with job seekers for a variety of different industry roles.​ Success in this role will depend on your ability to talk to job seekers and assist them with providing feedback on their current job search and providing suggestions. If you are up for the challenge, we are ready to support you! Responsibilities: - Talk to potential candidates via phone interview - Solicit referrals from contacts and [...]