Have you tried just about everything to find the job you’ve been waiting for? Well, it’s time for you to rethink your job search strategy. It’s not enough to just put together a resume and cover letter for the hiring managers anymore. People want to see more from you these days. If you’re still using that same template for your cover letter and not customizing it to fit the job you’re applying for, you need to get serious. Like every good book, each job application starts with a good cover letter. That’s the first document your potential employers will read. If you don’t catch their interest from the get-go, how would they even look through your resume? The hiring manager is not interested in what your skills are but how you can apply those skills to the job. If you can’t express what you can contribute to their company, they will not look further into your application. Here are a few ways to make your cover letter really stand out: 1. Make a good first impression – Always attract the employer with a strong introductory paragraph. Personalize your letter by telling them about your work experience, your skill sets, and finally your educational background. Be bold and show your personality a little. Even though this is a professional cover letter, you should not shy away from adding a little glamor into your profile. 2. Give them a reason to know you better – The best way to get a hiring manager interested in meeting you is to show them that you really care about the job. You have to show them you’ve done your research about the company you want to work for. If you can’t convince them that you really want the job, they will not waste the time to give you a phone call. 3. Don’t be afraid to be personal – There’s nothing wrong about being yourself. If you really want the job, show your passion or eagerness to work for the company. Keep the tone of the letter professional and stay clear from drawing any personal setbacks. 4. Keep it simple – You don’t have to write too much to earn a prospective employer’s interest. They want to read quality writing so be as precise as possible. Don’t put anything in the letter that is unrelated to the job such as your hobbies or goals. They just want to know if you are the best candidate for the position so always wrap up your cover letter with that in mind. Out of all the aspects about cover letter writing, the most important part is to show the hiring manager that you care about the job. Make them feel special and put a lot of thought into your writing. You don’t want to be too pushy or desperate. Just be yourself and show them the best you can do for the company and that will surely pay off.