How to upgrade your skills for free

How to upgrade your skills for free

Job hunting can get expensive. Not only are you spending a lot of time applying for roles and attending interviews, but you’re also paying for additional assistance to better your chances. This assistance could come in the form of a course enrollment, an interview coach, or a resume writer. Regardless, this help isn’t free.

For those of you who don’t have extra funds to take these steps, there are free options. Upgrading your skills is not a necessary aspect of everyone’s job search, but it is definitely recommended as an added benefit for your resume.

Review the job postings you’re applying for, are there specific technical skills listed that you are not proficient in? If so, it’s time to upgrade your skills. Understandably you may be employed and don’t have the time (or the cash) to enroll in a certification course, but there are other options.

Attend webinars 

The number of online resources available at your fingertips is never-ending. You can easily find experts in the specific field or program, and at least a few of them will offer webinars. We recommend signing up for their mailing lists to ensure you receive the notification as to when a webinar will be offered. You will be surprised at how much information you will soak in during a 30-45 minute webinar with an expert.

YouTube Tutorials 

Another great resource is YouTube. Using the search function on YouTube, you can find videos on almost anything. If you are trying to gain skills in a new technical program, this is a great method. People with advanced level skills will walk you through what you need to know about the program, how to use it, and even provide screenshots to walk you through step-by-step.

Apart from technical programs and software, YouTube can also be used for tips and tricks in other areas – but we’ve found it to be the most useful for computer programs.

Read Blogs 

Whatever you do for a living (or want to do for a living), someone already blogs about it. Many of those people could be fulfilling mid-level roles, but many more are established professionals. A great place to find blogs from professionals is through LinkedIn. LinkedIn features blogs and articles from “influencers” and industry experts on a daily basis. You can scroll through their selected list and find bloggers who relate to your field and industry.

Think of it like a free mentor that you can connect with at any time. The advice you will receive is literally priceless, and yet highly valuable.

Read Books 

Not just any books – books on career strategies from the experts. Professionals who have reached impressive levels in their careers will often publish books about their success and how they got there. They will also publish books on their business strategies and tactics. This type of reading will provide you with inspiration and new ideas to bring into your next role. You may even be inspired enough to start your own business.

Though these free options to upgrade your skills will not add up to certification programs on your resume, they will still benefit your job search. If you acquired skills in Microsoft Word by using the program on your own, you will list the skill on your resume. Under the same policy, if you acquired skills in Adobe Photoshop through YouTube tutorials, you will still list the skill on your resume. Formal training is a great option if you have the money for it, but keep in mind, it’s not the only option.


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  • William Hickey Reply

    Local one-stop job centers can tell you about programs for training classes / re-training in growth industries. These are your tax dollars, so put them to work!

    June 26, 2013 at 8:20 pm

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