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How the job search process is changing with social media

The first major change to the traditional job search process occurred with the advent of the internet. Job seekers no longer had to personally hand-in or physically mail-in their resume and cover letter; the documents could be submitted with the simple click of a button. Along with the internet, soon came social media. This phenomenon has now put us on the brink of the second major change to hit the job search process. Social media brought about a wave of change [...]

Will creativity get you the job?

What steps do you take to make yourself stand out from the masses? It’s clear, times are changing, people are becoming more tech savvy, and millions of social media networks are popping up everywhere. In this new age, even job hunting requires exceptional social media skills. Putting together a really good resume takes a lot of work and a lot of time, and that's just for a run of the mill resume. Have you ever come across a crazy, wacky resume [...]

9 ways to get the most out of LinkedIn

I once wrote that LinkedIn is when Facebook and Twitter meet for coffee. I explain LinkedIn to my clients and friends in one sentence: “LinkedIn is Facebook for Professionals only”. It’s a social networking tool designed specifically for business professionals, companies, job-seekers and employers. It has over 200 million members in a plethora of industries. A majority are white collar workers hoping to further their career through this enhanced networking tool. So, how can you make the most of this increasingly [...]

LinkedIn: When Facebook and Twitter Meet For Coffee

As an executive recruiter and head hunter, let me start by saying that I have helped clients use just about every means of social media in their quest for a fulfilling career. It is the modern-day job fair that never ends. I have always viewed the two icons of social media, Facebook and Twitter, as such. Facebook is the place where you reconnect with friends from school and share stories or hear about their marvellous jobs. Twitter is the [...]

Why Facebook can stop you from getting hired, and might even get you fired

Just like your cover letter, resume and job interview, social networking sites have also become an important component in which employers base their decision to hire you or not. Preserve your professional image by always being cautious. For the very reason that Facebook is beneficial during a job search, it has been getting the attention of prospective employers. Aside from googling possible employees, 53% of employers, according to the statistics of PC Advisor, also check job applicants on social networking [...]