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Environmental Resume Service

As an environmental professional, you have the rare opportunity to use your scientific knowledge and industry influence to better the planet.

With that passion comes a wide range of experience. You may operate scientific equipment, analyze data, manage in-field projects, and run tests on natural materials.

Whether you use our environmental resume writing service or choose to write it on your own, you need to strike the perfect balance between science, advocacy, and business to impress hiring managers with your environmental resume.

A professional environmental resume writer will show how you interpret data into strategy that drives change in the private and public sector. While you’re focused on leading global change, let our professional environmental resume writing services help you find success.

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Environmental Resumes We Write

  • Biologist
  • Lab Technician
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environment Lawyer
  • Conservationist
  • Environmental Impact Analyst
  • Sustainability Manager
  • Ecologist
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Want to try it yourself? Here's 5 tips to write a successful environmental resume:

1. Keep your content simple

Assume the first person who reads your environmental resume is not familiar with the technical nuances of your work. Keep the language high-level and simple enough to qualify you and don’t overwhelm the HR rep who may screen your resume.

2. It’s all about the data

You know how to manage and interpret large environmental testing data sets. Show the employer that you’re undaunted by research and analysis and that you have no trouble rolling up your sleeves and collecting the data too.

3. Be the advocate

Communication is key, especially in environmental sciences. Highlight your ability to engage with stakeholders and advocate for change. Show employers how you use your analysis to build consensus and motivate teams to work together.

4. Keep your resume focused

Keep your resume at a 2-page max and be strategic with your content to avoid overcrowding. Dedicate those 2 pages to relevant information only. Consider using a supplementary document for your various publications, committee, or volunteer work.

5. Be proactive

To excel in this field you must anticipate and hedge environmental risks. Employers want to know you stay vigilant and remain one step ahead. Show employers they can trust you to proactively identify and mitigate all their potential risk and future headaches.

Top keywords for an environmental resume:

  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Regulations & Compliance
  • Field Surveying
  • Climatological Data Processing
  • Meteorological Graphs
  • Data Analysis & Visualizations
  • Instrument Operation
  • Sample Collection & Analysis

Technical Skills:

  • Molecular Modelling
  • MySQL
  • ArcGIS
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Power BI

Leadership Skills:

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Project Development & Management
  • Cross-Functional Liaison
  • Policy Development & Advocacy
  • Stakeholder Negotiations

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Our expert team of resume writers work with all career levels and types of environmental professionals. Find out how we can help you impress recruiters and hiring managers with our environmental resume writing services:

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