As much as you would like to think that it is the resume that will convince the employer to hire you, it is never the sole basis of being accepted for an opportunity.

Even candidates who have the most impressive resumes fail to get hired simply because of their performance during the interview. It’s not only because they haven’t prepared, it’s more because of what they say or do during the interview process.

It’s normal to be nervous during the day of the job interview, but you should not let your jittery nerves get the best of you. Of course you’ve heard of horror stories happening in the interview room and if you’re not careful enough you may have your own horror story to tell.

  • Don’t give the interviewer an idea that the job you’re applying for is an alternative or second option.
  • If the interviewer has selected you for a preliminary interview, implying that the position is an alternative will discourage the interviewer from hiring you. Why settle for someone who’s not fully dedicated to the task because it’s not his or her first priority?

  • It pays to be well informed.
  • Sometimes it’s better to give less information than more. If you think you did something that may affect you getting hired, do not mention it to anybody and keep that thought to yourself. Any slight awkwardness may give the interviewer a negative impression of you.

  • Prepare, prepare and prepare.
  • No matter how boring or repetitive or irritating it may be when you read this word in job interview tips or articles, it is never given without proof.

    Any wardrobe and accessories you intend to wear should be planned out the night before so that you can focus on the interview and not on yourself.

  • Not too much caffeine.
  • Coffee, tea or even a redbull is a stimulant that can temporarily ward off drowsiness and restore alertness, but can also make you jittery and have you going to the bathroom.

    Before you interview don’t drink anything with too much caffeine, if you are going to drink something have a touch of fruit juice.

    Avoid making interviewing mistakes by brushing up on the do's and don’ts of job interviewing and remember to always keep a relaxed and confident attitude during the whole interview.

    My best advice to you: Be Enthusiastic!

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