Ask yourself this very important question the next time you are looking for a career change: Who am I? Hopefully, some encouraging answers come to mind. Know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses before you decide on your next executive placement. It pays to be a little introspective.

Ask around, read resumes within your industry, look at executive job postings, and see if you fit. Is it time for a resume makeover? Is it time to redesign your executive skill set? Is it time for more upgrading or executive training? Only you can know for sure.

The first step is to do a complete inventory of yourself and your unique skill set. This needs to be done every couple of years. Always strive to know yourself as well as you can. And be prepared to change if the industry warrants it!

The next step is to match your skill set, personality, strengths and weaknesses with an executive calibre career opportunity in the market.

Answer this very important question: What kind of current executive career placements are geared to my skill set, that are presently available in the existing marketplace?

If you’re not sure, do some research. Call up executive placement firms and ask them a few direct and well-prepared questions.

Examples: In my industry, is the demand for my services and talents as an executive expanding or contracting? What are the skills that are in great demand? How can I quickly improve my existing skill set? What are my leadership traits? You need to know this information if you want to be in charge of your executive placement.

Employers demand the best, the smartest and brightest minds. They know exactly what they are looking for.

Every executive placement firm understands the needs and desires of each industry and niche they specialize in. But it is up to executives to make sure that they are working with a firm that understands them, as well as their specific industry.

In today’s world, only the savvy few will make it. And those that don’t want to change to stay on top? They get left behind. Don't be one of them.

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