I will spare you an intro. Here is your no nonsense guide on how to maximize your job search.

  • Great Compelling Resume

  • I know this seems like a given, but most people do not take the time to sit down and write a resume that truly represents their skills and experience. What most people think is irrelevant information is sometimes the most important item they forget to add to their professional resume.

    There are plenty of sites online that can show you how to write a resume and if your still having trouble – hire a professional resume writer.

    It boggles my mind that people won’t spend around $200-$400 for something that can increase their salaries exponentially. Don’t buy those pair of shoes this month, get a professional resume and know you can buy as many new pairs of shoes in the future.

  • Google News

  • This is one I bet most people don’t expect. But this is a great trick for someone really trying to crack into an industry or a specific company.

    Create an alert of companies you are interested to work for. When those companies win new contracts they usually send out a Press Release to announce it.

    With any new sale or contract win comes the need to hire people for the projects. Read the article for contacts in the company and network with them either via email or LinkedIn. Congratulate them on the new project and start to explain how you can help them in the future.

  • LinkedIn

  • If you are any type of professional, you should have a LinkedIn profile. Period. This is the ultimate networking site for any business professional. First of all its free to create a profile (It costs to send a message to someone out of your network, but we share some great ideas around that in upcoming posts).

    LinkedIn has a profile completeness meter on the side of your profile that tells you how much more information you should add to your profile.

    I suggest a minimum of 80% profile completeness and be sure to include relevant keywords to your job and industry so you will be easy to find.

  • Build relationships with recruiters

  • It always surprises me that most people still don’t utilize recruiters as much as they should. Recruiters are the ears of your industry and know what is going on before most people in large companies do.

    Recruiters prefer to specialize in niches. And yes while there are a lot of recruiters that prefer to work on volume and won’t give some job seekers the time of day, I find the really great recruiters will talk to you and get you on the right path.

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions, don’t be afraid to ask why you won’t get a particular job, and find out what you have to do in your career path to get it. Don’t expect them to hand hold you, you’ve got one conversation with them, use it wisely.

  • Referrals - Networking

  • Companies love when job-seekers are referred by other employees (up to 75% get hired this way). Employees are usually offered a bonus if the person is hired. Most of the time jobs, especially at large multinationals are posted first internally and only after a month or so, get posted to the public.

    Ask a friend to either submit your resume to the hiring manager or HR for you, or even better look and see if there are any open opportunities that you might be a great fit for. If your friend is not in the same field are you are – it’s usually best to provide them with job titles that would apply to you.

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