Just because you’re following the dress code, that doesn’t mean you are dressing acceptably for the company image.

A dress code is a simple guideline to ensure you maintain the most important aspects of the company image, but it doesn’t tell you about the appropriate style to maintain.

It’s true, many people don’t have a care in the world when it comes to being “stylish”, but that can also affect your career. We’re not talking about keeping up with the latest runway trends, we’re talking about maintaining a professional and put-together image as a successful employee.

Make the company look good

The better you look, the better the company looks.

After all, that is why they’ve implemented a dress code in the first place. They want to ensure that their image is one where employees are always dressed professionally for the industry.

Adjusting your personal style to fit with the corporate image shows that you are a team player. After all, you have evenings and weekends to add your personal flare to your outfits, but when you’re at work, stick to what the employer wants.

Attention to detail

When you are put-together, it automatically speaks to your work ethic.

Your colleagues and superiors will view you as someone who is organized, professional and pays attention to detail. After all, the way you look is an “image”. It may not speak to your actual work ethic, but it is important nonetheless.

Look the part

Looking the part does not necessarily mean wearing a suit. You should dress appropriately for the role and the industry that you are in.

If you are working in a client-facing role, then it is more important to maintain a professional dress code. If you are in a hands-on role, your attire will be focused on your safety – high heels are not appropriate where steel-toe boots are required.

Take tips from your superiors. If they maintain laid-back and casual attire in a fairly casual environment, then a suit is not necessary. However, if your manager wears a suit and tie on a daily basis and you don’t, there’s a problem.

Put in effort

You could be following the dress code to the tee, but you lack the effort. If you don’t put the effort in to maintain your professional image, then you might as well disregard the dress code as well. Ensure your clothes are fitted well and suitable for your body shape.

Apart from your clothing, also pay attention to your hair. Because your hair surrounds your face, it plays a major role in your professional image.

If your hair is dishevelled, uncombed, messy or greasy – it looks like you don’t care. Putting in effort doesn’t mean that you have to wake up an hour early to style your hair daily, it just means that you should keep it neat.

Your performance in the role is definitely more important than the way you dress, but don’t underestimate the impact your image has on your employer. Your employer may not even realize it, but it is human nature.

The effort you put into the way you dress for an interview should not diminish after you receive the role. The employer is expecting you to maintain a professional image, and you need to make sure you are meeting those expectations in order to continue advancing your career.

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