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7 tips to nail an interview

Job interviews can often be terrifying. There’s a huge difference between reading someone’s qualifications on a resume and meeting them for the first time. And so, there are a lot of helpful tips out there on what kind of questions to expect, how best to answer them, as well as how you should dress. So, we’ve decided to offer further assistance with some tips that are often overlooked by job hunters. But, in reality, they can sometimes make all the [...]

When, why and how to write a thank you note

You’ve just breathed a sigh of relief. Coming out of the office following an interview, you thought you did well. You’ve marketed yourself well. You kept your answers short and sweet. And you looked the part. But this first step isn't over yet. You still need to write and send a thank you note to your interviewer. However minor it may sound, this simple note helps to reaffirm your interest in the position and the organization, and it leaves a [...]

10 Sneaky, Yet Effective Ways to get out of the office for an interview

Have you ever had to leave your job for an interview at another company? It happens, and it’s a tricky situation to be in. You want to show up for the interview at the time your potential employer requests, but you also don’t want to upset your current employer. It is possible to attend job interviews while at work, but you have to be careful! Here are a few ways that you can sneak out for an hour or two [...]

HOW: LinkedIn got me hired!

ABRACADABRA! Getting hired or headhunted is not a magic trick - all it takes is hard work and the right formula to position yourself as a candidate in demand. In my six years of headhunting top talent through LinkedIn, I found that not only does the professional network allow me to connect with amazing market leaders and industry players, but the referrals are also exceptional. Practice good LinkedIn etiquette and you too can be a Harry Houdini of job [...]

How social media got me a job at Google

*Earl was a recent graduate and unemployed software engineer. He began developing a job search strategy by applying to websites, including Monster, Beyond and CareerBuilder, and by connecting with members in his network. Earl managed to receive a phone interview with Dell. Days later when he followed up with Dell, both the person who interviewed him and the position were gone. Instead of feeling crushed by the negative experience, Earl began updating his portfolio, which included getting his cover letter [...]