Let’s face it. Nobody is a writer. Not even award-winning novelists could publish their books without facing cuts and changes from an editor first.

You’re as good a writer as anyone, but it’s in how you stand out that makes all the difference. To get your resume to match the industry standards of the job market today, you have to get it professionally done by a certified resume writer who specializes in your field.

They don’t just write your resume, they market your career and help shape your profile as a professional.

If you don’t do your own nails, cut your own hair or give yourself root canals, why would you write your own resume when it’s the most crucial document of your career?

If you still think the resume you wrote yourself will get you into the job market, think again. People tend to be modest when it comes to listing their achievements and sometimes they even leave out the most important highlights because they are being too careful.

That’s why you need a professional writer to weave through your job history and highlight the key attributes that will get you hired.

Here are some reasons you should consider getting a professional resume:

1. Look better than ever

I assure you that when you get your resume professionally done, it will look completely different. From the format to the font, everything will be upgraded and you will never have to pull your hair out just trying to arrange it.

More importantly, it will reflect your own personal style and be customized to your specific preferences.

2. Industry keywords to match your job market

Your resume should basically be a marketing document or a sales pitch that gets you in the door of potential hiring managers. Let someone you don’t know look at your resume with fresh eyes so they can give you honest feedback.

If they can spot major issues, then they can easily fix them and match you with the best writer to evaluate your career experience and highlight your key achievements.

3. Match industry standards

You can craft your resume from scratch, but it will always be at a basic level instead of a professional advanced level.

Many people have the same experience level as one another, but it’s in how they present their job background on paper that gets them noticed from other competing candidates. A professional resume may cost around $400, but the benefit is priceless, especially if it will give you a dream job in your industry of choice.

4. Get a better response rate

The key to job search success is how you market yourself to potential employers. If you can’t convince the hiring manager that you’re the best fit for a job, then you need a resume that targets the specific industry requirements.

Landing a job is 70% based on presentation and only 30% on your skills and abilities, so having the right attributes will significantly increase your marketability as a potential employee. It’s not about how qualified you are for the job but how you sell yourself that matters.

5. Capture all career highlights and accomplishments

If you want to prove your work ability as a candidate, get your resume written by certified industry professionals because these experts know what employers are looking for.

They can dig into your employment history to create a resume that highlights your specific achievements and that draws less attention to any employment gaps or poor academic records you may have. Recruiters scan thousands of resumes per day, so you have to make a strong first impression to hook them or else they’ll just give the job to another potential candidate.

Writing a good resume is not easy, especially if you want it to speak to the potential manager on a professional level. However, with a great resume writing service, you can succeed in attaining that job you want and moving further up the social ladder.

Don’t let the fear of spending a few hundred dollars scare you away from getting your resume professionally done because it will ultimately help you in your job search. A professional resume is much more compelling than a homemade resume because it gets more attention and captures more interest.

If you want to break into the job market today, get your resume professionally done as your first step to success.

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