There’s something about hearing a real-life human voice at the other end of the phone that a computer will never be able to duplicate. As we continue to live in the era of automation where computers are taking over the roles of humans in so many industries – we also must recognize the roles that computers can’t replace.

As a job seeker searching the web, you’ve most likely come across websites who are willing to offer you a free resume assessment. This is a great and inexpensive way to get some tips as to why you haven’t had any traction in your job search. However, when you are offered a free service, you should always ensure that it is worth your time.

A resume assessment simply cannot be done by a computer, and many free resume assessment websites operate in that manner. It may be a free service, but it will end up being a waste of your time. Your precious time that you could’ve spent applying for more job opportunities.

An effective and worthwhile resume assessment service will include a friendly phone call from the resume expert to explain why your resume is (or is not) effective, and how you can improve it.

It really comes down to common sense. The hiring manager who will be reading your resume is a human. This is the human that you are trying to impress with your document.

So if you are seeking a second opinion as to whether or not the hiring manager will find your resume impressive – shouldn’t you be asking a human? Computers cannot perceive the same emotions and thought process that a hiring manager would have, and that is why your resume assessment should always be done by a human.

How do I know if a human is assessing my resume when I submit it online?

Some websites will do a fantastic job of tricking you into thinking that your resume will be assessed by a human, even if that is not the case. We’ve outlined a few tips for you to try, in order to determine if the service will be worthwhile.


Many free resume assessments are distributed over email. The entire process is automated from the point that you submit your resume, to the assessment that you receive.

If there is no option in the service to discuss the resume assessment with the reviewer, chances are there is no reviewer. The resume is being assessed by a computer and you are getting a standard review that is sent out to hundreds of other job seekers.


Read the reviews online. Better yet – look for reviews and testimonials on the website itself. This is a great way to get the inside scoop.

If previous users have been delighted with the results of their resume assessment, and they’ve expressed it clearly in a testimonial, then you’ve got the proof you need.

Yes, sometimes these testimonials can be fabricated (which is immoral and bad practice), but if you look up the name of the reviewer on LinkedIn, you can ensure that they exist.

Contact Number

The company should clearly include a contact phone number for you to call if you are interested in the free resume assessment service.

If you cannot find a phone number, do not use the service. This is the number one clue if an online company is purely automated. You want to use a company that employs resume experts to conduct your review – and you want to be able to talk to them.

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