Employers demand certain skills. In job-seekers’ resumes, cover letters and during interviews, potential employers are searching for the essential core talent they want in their workplace.

Highlight these 5 key competencies during your job search and you can be confident employers will take notice.

1. Communication

Communication is crucial. Employers look for three types of communication skills: verbal, written and interpersonal. Can you speak clearly and effectively? Can you express your ideas in written form?

Are you comfortable interacting with those in your workplace? Even if you’re a skilled and disciplined worker, being unable to adequately express yourself puts you at a serious disadvantage.

A candidate who is personable and comfortable communicating with others, both verbally and written will stand out that much more.

2. Flexibility/Adaptability

Can you work late if need be? Come in earlier? Do a weekend shift? Take on additional responsibilities? Cover a co-worker’s job when they are sick? The more hats you can wear, the happier your employer is.

3. Initiative/drive/energy

Do you think an employer is looking for people to come in, work a standard eight hour day, take an hour for lunch and do the bare minimum? Of course not. Employers want to see someone who will breathe fresh life into the position.

Someone who will suggest ideas that advance the company’s vision and possibly even take it in new and exciting directions.

Make sure you have researched a company before an interview and be ready to share a few ideas you have. Just because you match the qualifications for a job, it doesn’t mean you are going to get it. Those with an extra spark of energy and initiative will always be ahead of the curve.

4. Teamwork Skills

A lot of people note on their resumes that they “are capable of working independently”. While being able to work independently is a critical skill, working on a team is just as important if not more so. As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”.

An employer isn’t going to hire someone who is socially awkward, fights with others and isn’t able to work collaboratively.

5. Time Management Skills

You’re asked to work on a project. You are thorough, you do your research and you think you’ve done a fantastic job. Except for the fact that you’ve handed it in two days late.

No matter how good your work is, if it’s late, credibility is destroyed and your work might be disregarded completely. Get an agenda and plan your day by the hour . Hand in your project early instead of late.

Employers need to make sure that you ’re someone who will be able to juggle multiple tasks and not feel overwhelmed or forget something.

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