There’s a lot of saturation in the job market these days. The attention span of hiring managers has dropped from 20 seconds to around 9 seconds. As such it’s increasingly harder to get their attention – in a good way, that is.

Acquiring the services of a professional career strategist or a dedicated resume writer might be the answer. They can give you an objective analysis of your resume and how it stands out, and they know how to best position yourself to get further along in the hiring process.

Nowadays, there are plenty of professional services out there to serve the struggling and the gainfully employed career hunter. Here are some of them:

Professional resume writing

We all know they’re the make or break portion of the application process. They need to market yourself; they need to highlight what you can bring to the table; and they need to do this in one to three pages.

But a professional resume writer should be your first call. If you can - DON'T write your own resume from scratch. It's very difficult to stay objective when you write your professional bio (and resume standards have evolved more then you might think).

Even more, there are resume writers who specialize in almost every industry. They know and understand the buzzwords, terminologies, jargon and key words used. They will help you tailor your resume to the specific industry or position you’re pursuing.

Cover letter prep

While cover letters may be not always be essential, it’s still important to keep them in your arsenal as an accompaniment to your resume.

They need to be personalized, simple and compelling. Professional resume writers will help you write a top-quality cover letter that serves to introduce yourself through a value proposition to the hiring authority.

Resume distribution (Tapping into the hidden job market)

What good is it helping you fix your car and not being able to see you take it for a spin? Not only can you get help crafting your resume, you can also get help distributing it as well.

Agency and third party recruiters can also make sure your resume gets sent to specific and carefully selected organizations within your industry and geographic location.

Personal branding

Having trouble selling yourself? You’re not alone. Many job applicants have trouble with marketing themselves. It's not in our nature to self promote. We are often too modest when it comes to our achievements. Overselling yourself can also be a problem.

A professional career expert can help you identify key leadership traits, transferable skills and innate talents that you can showcase and bring to the table to help you stand out from your competition.

LinkedIn profile optimization

LinkedIn is like Facebook, but for professionals only. That’s how we describe it to our clients. This popular professional (and sometimes social) networking tool has become a significant part of a job search strategy.

So, it’s important to optimize your profile as much as you can in order to build your network and sell yourself within the network. LinkedIn profile writing is an art (and part science) - just remember not to over-brand yourself.

Interview coaching

The resume is only part one of the process. If you’ve enticed them enough, you’ll earn a face-to-face – or phone – interview. And there’s a difference between reading about someone on a piece of paper and meeting them for the first time.

Talking to an interview coach can allow you to anticipate questions, plan on how to answer them, and think about what to wear, as well as your etiquette and body language techniques.

By working with a coach, you can get ready to meet with a company for a one-on-one interview, panel interview and behavioural interview


Keep in mind you want to do to the best you can to stand out in your industry. From writing your resume to developing your LinkedIn profile to going in for an interview, it’s all one big process.

Everything counts and getting professional career help will give you an unfair advantage over other candidates applying for your next career opportunity.

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