What steps do you take to make yourself stand out from the masses?

It’s clear, times are changing, people are becoming more tech savvy, and millions of social media networks are popping up everywhere. In this new age, even job hunting requires exceptional social media skills.

Putting together a really good resume takes a lot of work and a lot of time, and that's just for a run of the mill resume. Have you ever come across a crazy, wacky resume that made your jaw drop?

A resume that made your jaw drop to the point that you had to meet the person who took the time to create it.

Given that, here's top 5 creative resume types creative wacky resumes we used that landed these individuals job interviews.

1) Joe Kelso - Created a resume that resembles a movie poster and it never failed at landing him interviews.

2) Sabrina Saccoccio – Submitted her Facebook profile as a resume and she even included all her work experiences and comments from her followers.

3) Eric Gandhi - Made a Google Themed Resume on LinkedIn. It was so well done that he was referred to someone at Google who called him to come in for an interview.

4) Francis Homo - Split his experiences between his right and left brain.

5) Sophie Tatlow - Put a lot of work and effort into creating her resume!

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