When attempting career transitions, one of the most difficult aspects is explaining to an employer how the skills from your current job can apply to your new one.

Since many employers are looking for people with exactly the right skills and qualifications, it can be hard to get noticed when your experience doesn't completely match what the employer is looking for.

While this can be difficult - it is certainly not impossible, and with the right tips, your resume can really make you stand out from the crowd.

Read the job posting carefully

First, read the job description and tailor your resume specifically to the qualifications necessary.

Use the exact wording from the job posting to show that you have read it carefully and are not just sending out your resume hoping to get whatever you can find.

If a potential employer sees that the language used in your resume completely reflects the language used in the job listing, they will know that you took your time and considered the job carefully. That will help create a good first impression on your new employer and significantly increase your chances of getting an interview.

Once you've found the exact wording to use, highlight accomplishments at your job that reflect those specific qualifications.

For instance, if an employer is looking for someone who is an "excellent communicator," you may highlight something like being the liaison between a client and the company, and becoming the point person for that client to address any questions or concerns.

Even if this isn't something you'll be doing at your new job, it shows that you possess a skill that is highly desired and not necessarily teachable. Since a new employer can teach you many aspects of your new job, it is important to show that you possess these inherent skills.

A personalized cover letter

Another good way to highlight your experience and skills for a given position is to write a personalized cover letter explaining these skills.

Since this will be your introduction to the hiring manager, it is best to take your time and really explain how you would be good for this exact position. Don't use a form letter or something that feels canned; really take the time to make sure this letter reflects the skills you learned in your current career, and how it will apply during your career transition.

This cover letter will be your best opportunity to introduce yourself and explain why you are making the career change, what personally interests you about this new career, and what your goals are going forward.

While career transitions are difficult, they can be extremely rewarding. So be sure to take your time, make your resume accurately reflect your skills and experience, and make sure that it completely fits what the employer is looking for.

If your resume shows that you are serious about this transition, and that you took the time to make sure it was the best it can be, it will reflect positively on you. This can only increase your chances of getting the interview and (hopefully) lead to your dream job.

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